Finale Audio F168-B Integrated Tube Amplifier

Finale Audio F168-B Integrated Tube Amplifier

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Finale's most popular integrated amp

With a single gain stage, this amp has a directness and purity of tone rarely found anywhere near this price. The F-168B uses Edcor USA transformers.

Proudly Made in Canada by fanatical tube enthusiasts. 

Sale price $2399 CAD includes tubes and shipping.

Quick Facts:

  • Class AB1 Push Pull Circuit

  • 8W+8W

  • Powered by a quad of 6BM8 / ECL82 Tubes (Auto-bias)

  • Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 1%

  • Hum & Noise (A-Weight) : 90 db or better at rated output power (Conservatively rated)

  • Frequency Response : 20-20,000 HZ +/- 1 db at 1 Watt

  • Input Sensitivity and Impedance : Main Input - 465 mv / 100k ohm

Parts Highlights:

  • Same high quality / durable / and good sound, but a new low price. The most basic model of the F168 series. 

  • Edcor USA Output Transformers ( Choice of 6 or 8 ohms output - depending your speakers)
  • Edcor USA Power Transformer (It’s actually better made than the Hammonds make, for the standard F168 MK2)
  • F168 metal badge delete
  • Choke transformer became an option 
  • Mundorf's Germany EVO Coupling Caps

  • Finale's Pink-Lingu Rose-Gold RCA Inputs (2 Pairs)

  • Alps Japan Blue Vol Control / Lorlin UK Selector Switch

  • High quality plastic binding post, ceramic tube sockets, copper wires for signal path and premium resistors / capacitors

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