NEW! Tangent Ampster II BT + DALI Spektor 1 Speakers

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The Kickass System

Why do we call it that? Because on the basis of dollars, footprint, and sheer fun, this will embarrass many audiophile setups!

Simply connect your phone and start streaming music - don't be afraid to turn it up, this stylish and unassuming system is made to show you a good time. Perfect for your office, cottage, or that lovable 29-year-old teenager living in your basement. It's straightforward, it's small, it sounds great. Connect your TV, a CD or DVD player, you name it. Later you could add from a slew of available options if you want to build on it. 


  • Tangent Ampster II BT Amplifier with full function remote control
  • Award-winning DALI Spektor 1 speakers
  • Speaker cables
  • Shipping
  • Manufacturer's warranties

Price includes shipping in Canada. Yes, we even include speaker cables. And any after-sales support you may need.


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  • White, Black Ash or Walnut finish (speakers)
  • Length of cables needed


Available Options (contact us):

  • Tangent CD II (add $280)
  • Tangent Tuner II (add $280)
  • DALI E-600 Stands
  • Norstone Stands
  • DALI C-8D Subwoofer


 *To ensure availability and colour choice, please email us first.

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