Finalé Audio 6BM8 SET Tube Amplifier (Demo Sale)

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Another stunning creation from Finalé Audio of Canada. This is a single-ended 6BM8 tube amplifier of the highest caliber - only three glorious watts per channel, so sensitive speakers are a must. This amp must be heard! It's a "spud" design, with only one pair of tubes doing all the amplification. With a diode rectifier you get more of a classic Japanese tube amp sound, with very tight, deep bass. The stars of this show are the Hashimoto potted output transformers, which elevate the sonics here to levels only matched by the finest triode amps. Finished with a British Racing Green painted top plate (hand drilled) on a beautiful Canadian Walnut base. This is a simple amp, executed with no limits. Hand built with love, in the Toronto area. And offered at a nice price.

  • Class A 3 Watts + 3 Watts Auto-biasing

  • Powered by a pair of 6BM8 / ECL82 Tube
  • 8 Ohms (4 and 16 ohms optional)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 1% at Rated Power
  • Hum & Noise (A-Weighted) : 90 db or better at rated output power (conservatively rated)
  • Frequency Response : Depending selection of Output Transformers , there is two version of Hashimoto output transformers to select from. 7W HiFi Potted (As shown), and the 20W Classic (Better with high efficient speakers, horns. and large full range speakers, including dual-concentric designs)


Parts Highlights:

  • Hammond Canada Power Transformer (120/240V CSA/UL Compliance, Canada Made)
  • Hammond Canada Choke Transformer
  • Mundorf Germany EVO Oil Coupling Caps
  • Finale's Pink-Lingu Rose-Gold RCA Input 
  • Alps Japan Blue Vol Control 
  • High quality plastic binding post, ceramic socket, copper wires for signal path and premium resistors / capacitors
  • Extra pair of tubes included
  • Two year warranty (excl tubes)
  • Sale Price $2,550 CAD 

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