Finale Audio F168-II Integrated Tube Amplifier

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Finale's most popular integrated is on sale!

With a single gain stage, this amp has a directness and purity of tone rarely found anywhere near this price. Read the review by Sean Leighland in Wall of Sound.

Proudly Made in Canada by fanatical tube enthusiasts. 

Sale price is for demo model sold as new with full warranty (ex tubes).

Quick Facts:

  • Class AB1 Push Pull Circuit

  • 10W+10W

  • Powered by a quad of 6BM8 / ECL82 Tubes (Auto-bias)

  • 6 Ohms Speakers Out (4/8 ohms speaker compatible)

  • Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 1%

  • Hum & Noise (A-Weight) : 90 db or better at rated output power (Conservatively rated)

  • Frequency Response : 20-20,000 HZ +/- 1 db at 1 Watt

  • Input Sensitivity and Impedance : Main Input - 465 mv / 100k ohm

Parts Highlights:

  • Hammonds x Finale Design Power Transformer (120/240V CSA/UL Compliance, Canada Made)

  • Hammond x Finale Design Canada Output Transformers 10W HiFi Push Pull Output Transformers (Canada Made)

  • Hammond Canada Choke Transformer

  • Mundorf's Germany EVO Coupling Caps

  • Finale's Pink-Lingu Rose-Gold RCA Inputs (2 Pairs)

  • Alps Japan Blue Vol Control / Lorlin UK Selector Switch

  • High quality plastic binding post, ceramic tube sockets, copper wires for signal path and premium resistors / capacitors

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