Finalé Audio Prelude FFX Stereo Preamplifier

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Prelude FFX high-end stereo preamp from Finalé Audio, based on the famous Western Electric 396a triode.


Circuit based on a single 396a tube (/5670/2C51)


**Acrylic and Metal top covers - both included


4X of Gain (we prefer lower gain to higher distortion), 2V Output at Nominal, 0.1% THD-X

Perfect for triode, tube and other low-powered amplifiers paired with high-efficiency speaker systems — you’ll get playback of top organic-analog quality.

Less gain means less parts/less tubes and therefore less phase shift and signal changes!

Tube regulated, by the powerful 12BH7 / ECC99 (or the 12AU7 — though the more powerful 12BH7 will last longer in this position)

Tube rectified, by a 6Z4 rectifier tube, which is a 7 pin miniature tube that is affordable and reliable

The power supply uses AC coupling (and is quiet enough to score a better than 90 db S/N Ratio, which was tested with an older Western Electric 396a). We made this choice because to us, AC coupling offers a superior musicality to the DC coupling, which is admittedly quieter in absolute terms. An input filtering choke is in place, which is why even when we heat it with AC, the PRELUDE remains quiet.

In addition to the solid power supply design, our quality Hammond Canadian-made power transformer is made and tested to the highest electrical safety standards. High-quality parts throughout, including CMC USA Gold Plate RCAs (3 Pairs of Inputs and a single pair of outputs), Mundorf coupling caps, Alps Japan Blue Volume Pot, Premium Selector, high grade 1% Japanese resistors and E-caps and solid signal path wires…etc.

A pair of high-quality transistors (which is why we call it a hybrid pre-amplifier) are used for impedance conversion. When combined together with the goodness of tubes at the voltage amplifying stage, these allow the amp to drive all kinds of power amplifiers — including high power tube amps, solid state amps, or even sub-woofer amps!   

The combination of the two kinds of technology - the performance/specifications/measurements of solid state, and the charm/sound/bliss of the tubes makes the PRELUDE a true high-end pre-amplifier, regardless of price. Our dealers love this preamp, as it has the ability to turn an average quality system into one with real audiophile sound.

Looks too simple? “Simple” is perhaps the hardest to perfect. We favour a “clean desk policy” in our design, unlike some others who make it look busy to impress…

Tubes supplied are NOS USA 5670, NOS Sino 6Z4, and JJ or EH 12BH7 or ECC99


FFX upgrades include:

Mundorf Germany EVO Silver Gold, to SUPREME EVO SILVER GOLD √

Lorlin UK Selector Switch, to DACT of Denmark √

Hammond Power Transformer, to HASHIMOTO (Sansui) - it measures even quieter for better S/N ratio √

6Z4 Rectifier Tube, to 5AR4 (Substitutes / Sound Tuning : NOS 5W4 , 5Z4 , 5T4 , 5V4 , 5Y3) √

FFX Treatments (from beefier power supply and more advanced grounding approach, to better channeling and shortest signal path for lowest loss). Thanks to the FFX Treatments and Hashimoto Transformer, the phono stage on the PRELUDE FFX is one of the quietest we have seen. FFX Treatments also means highest grade resistors and caps √

Alps Blue volume control or optional TKD audiophile upgrade √