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Used Consignment Gear – no tax


Coherent Audio Model GRA8 Slim, one year old, very good condition. 95dB sensitivity, excellent performer, great reviews.  One pair only. List at $2600.  $1250

Bluenote Bellavista Turntable, gorgeous appearance and sound. Made in Italy (2004) OBM, includes the B5.1 AT tonearm. No dust cover. $2900  $1095 (cartridge not included)

Isotek Sigmas G2 High End Power Filter with the optional 20-Amp cable. One of the best line filters available. Current model sells for $4500US. See review in Stereo Times. List $2900+cable.  $1400

Elekit TU8600 Single-Ended Triode 300B amplifier, Lundahl output transformers upgrade, Genelex Gold Lion tubes, Mundorf/Takman upgrades, 1 year old, under 300 hours use, OBM.  New as equipped $2310US  $1500 Cdn

Pass DIY ‘Amp Camp’ Power Amp – Frank Wang Stereo Chassis, single-ended 5W, excellent sound with very deep bass, like new under 100 hours $350


Pioneer VSX1020 7.1-channel AVR, 85wpc, 3D ready, loaded with features (2nd from TOTL in 2012), NM Cond.  List $799  $375


Pioneer CS-44 vintage 2-way bookshelf speakers 1970 Made in Japan, exceptionally nice cond.  $240



Schiit Audio Mani moving magnet phono preamp, terrific sound.  List $129US  $120 Cdn



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