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We have a beautiful, nearly-new Triode Lab 2A3 EVO here, recently returned from Stereophile magazine (the amp is featured in the July 2024 issue). Ken Micallef wrote, "Music breathed. It sounded sweet, round, voluptuous, as if the amp itself was relaxed, inviting me to sink deeper and lose myself in the sound. Its richness never dampened its clarity or the clarity of instrumental or vocal lines."

The amp reviewed by Stereophile is the same unit offered for sale here. But the tubes are all new.

Normally $9000 without tubes, we are offering this wonderful amp at $8000 (CAD) with a complete set of tubes. Three-year Triode Lab warranty is included.



Class A Autobias 4 Watts (Conservative rated) for 2A3 EVO  

Output Transformers : HASHIMOTO Japan (Sansui) 20W Classic

Choke Transformer : HASHIMOTO Japan (Sansui)

Power Transformer : HASHIMOTO Japan (Sansui)

Connectors : CMC USA Gold RCA or FINALE Canada Pink-Lingu Rose Gold Plated RCAs

Binding Posts : CMC USA (0-4-8 Ohms)

Coupling Caps : Mundorf Silver in Oil Coupling Caps

Volume Control : Alps Japan Blue Vol Pot

Selector Switch : Elma Swiss Selector

Rectifier Tube Socket : QQQ Japan

AC Inlet : Furutech Japan Gold IEC

Dimension: 13.5" Wide x 18" Deep 

Input sensitivity : 325mv/@70K-ohm

Tubes : 12AX7 Pair (or 12AU7 for those who want lower gain and more natural sound) / 6SN7 (CV181 recommended) Pair / 2A3 Pair / Mullard GZ32 Rectifier Tube is what we voiced this amp with, any other NOS 5V4/GZ32 are recommended for use as rectifier tube, ask us for more options. 5T4 / 274B is our favourite too!

Chassis: top plate over chassis design - top plate painted in British Racing Green Metallic.

MSRP $8,999 + any options. (Dealers might sell for more due to the cost of shipping)

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