Customer Testimonials - Stereo Untypical

Here is a small sample of the comments we've received over the years;


"Excellent, professional dealer in all aspects; instant communications, fast shipping, well packaged, great pricing. I would deal with Noam again without reservation." Ken, BC


"My favorite audio gear dealer." AP, Dallas


"Noam is exceptional to deal with. Knowledgeable & products are priced reasonably. I would definitely deal with him again in the future." KC, Ottawa


"Noam is a real class act and a rarity in todays world. I inquired about some speaker cables from Neotech as he is the dealer around here. I was looking at the NES3001 and as he knows my system very well as most of it came from him, he recommended the one step down NES3002. When I plugged these in they really allowed so much more through to the speakers. He saved me money and my ears got what they needed." GM, Simcoe 


"Thanks man, you made that super easy for me with zero bullshit. Rare these days. Happy holidays to you as well!" KC, Guelph


"Noam is a true gentleman and a treasure to the Canadian audio industry." AS, Duncan


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Noam Bronstein