XAVIAN Speakers Are Now Available At Stereo Untypical

The XAVIAN Story

XAVIAN has been building outstanding speakers for over twenty years. Founder Roberto Barletta relocated from Milan to Prague, and founded XAVIAN there in 1997. Production facilities are in the Prague suburb of Hostivice, very close to the city center and international airport. Drivers are built in Milan, Italy, under the AudioBarletta name - the driver designs are exclusively for XAVIAN's use.

In recent years XAVIAN has grown and expanded, and its designs have been collecting many awards and rave reviews. Models like the Perla have been updated, and new models like the Quarta (Classic Series) have been introduced.

What makes XAVIAN speakers stand out from the crowd?

  • All speakers are hand assembled in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Utilizing ScanSpeak and AudioBarletta drivers (which are made in Italy for XAVIAN)
  • Many XAVIAN models use real oak and maple wood, and no MDF
  • Meticulous fit and finish, very high quality control
  • Luxurious designs from the Italian high-end audio tradition
  • Superb sound quality, always in service to the music
  • "Phase Zero" serial crossover designs
  • Models to suit all budgets and room sizes
  • Focus on real world designs, including highly capable standmounts
  • Outstanding value, compared against speakers costing many times more

Stereo Untypical is currently the North American retailer for this fine marque. To learn more about the XAVIAN speaker lines, click on an image below.

Natura Series

Harmonia Series (new)

 XN Series

Classic Series

Epica Series


From Prague, With Love. Thank You For Your Interest In XAVIAN.