XAVIAN Concerto Floorstanding Speakers - Save $3000+ on demo pair

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2022 Product Of The Year Winner - Stereo & Video


Save $3500+tax on our mint condition demo pair (Cherry) with full warranty.


In stock and available for audition at our studio in Guelph.


I've been auditioning speakers in the $17-20K price range, and I think these might actually be better." - a client

Brand new for mid-2022. Stereo Untypical is excited to welcome the all-new XAVIAN Concerto - a new take on XAVIAN's concept of floorstanding audiophile speakers. The first of the new Harmonia series celebrating 25 years in business, Concerto is a large 3-way system that combines classic lines, with technologically innovative solutions and a choice of luxurious real wood veneers building on their quarter century of experience.

Selected high-quality custom drivers from the Danish brand Scan-Speak with Kevlar diaphragms ensure perfect reliability, low distortion and neutral tonality. Combined with our thoughtfully designed crossovers and innovative touches, defining a new era of XAVIAN sound, the listening experience remains extremely musical and non-fatiguing for a long time. The advantage is also the extraordinary sensitivity (94dB), leading to unprecedented airiness, liveliness and dynamics of reproduction. As a result, the Concerto offers great performance at low and medium volumes. And achieves that great performance even with tube amplifiers of very modest power output.

Production takes place entirely at XAVIAN headquarters in Hostivice (Prague), in the hands of skilled carpenters and experienced technicians, to ensure the flawless application of a comprehensive system of internal damping in a space with fixed braces at each critical point of the baffle.

The solution of the downfiring bass reflex with arched vents in the speaker base underlines the visual purity, but also helps to flawlessly establish the bass component of the reproduction, which can more ideally propagate in any space. In addition, the downfacing port has the least demands on placement in a normal living room. Sophisticated leveling system allows you to achieve a perfectly horizontal position and is also easy to remove if you would prefer to use feet or spikes of your choice.

Finish choices: Zebrano / Rosewood / Cherry / Walnut / Oak / Black high gloss / White high gloss.

 *Magnetic fabric grille covers are optional at $300 per pair.

*Smaller siblings Concertino and Aria are also now released, and coming soon.

"The Xavian Concerto speakers offer a natural balanced sound with exemplary tonal neutrality, free of the slightest coloration. At the same time, they can win over the listener with their musicality. The bass is full, to be sure, but it does not in any way interfere with the key midrange, drawn in the smallest details, which is further enhanced by the extraordinary transparency, which at the same time makes the clear highs stand out. For more intimate recordings, the visualization of the instruments is perfect (for illustration – when you hit a large cymbal with whisks, you can hear their individual strings as well). Superlatives also apply to the more or less three-dimensional representation of the music scene, which, with a slight exaggeration, almost feels like half of the Dolby Atmos soundscape. The localization of instrunents, and instrumental sections, is accurate. We must also praise the quick dynamic response. Concerto generally play with ease regardless of whether we listen quietly or conversely loudly. They do not lose sight even of highly fragmented recordings, clear contours of the sound image are omnipresent." - Pavel Víšek, Stereo&Video  PDF review (in Czech)


HARMONIA Series Solutions

  • technologically innovative and original design
  • high sensitivity (94dB) and vividness of reproduction
  • suitable for use with tube amplifiers
  • rigid baffle with internal bracing and composite bitumen damping
  • seven luxury finishes to complenent any interior
  • grille covers with concealed magnet mounting (optional)
  • selected custom Scan-Speak drivers
  • matching of L/R drivers with a tolerance of +/- 1 dB
  • advanced crossovers with impedance compensation and frequency response modeling
  • "Mirror Bass" bass reflex system with arched chambers for optimal omnidirectional bass propagation
  • easy to reach a perfectly horizontal position on any surface with a leveling system
  • option of easy installation of spikes or feet with M8 thread, as needed




Bass Speaker

227mm Custom Scan-Speak, Kevlar Diaphragm, High Sensitivity, Wide Frequency Range

Mid-bass speaker

181mm Custom Scan-Speak, Kevlar Diaphragm, High Sensitivity, Wide Frequency Range

Tweeter Speaker

26mm custom Scan-Speak, hand-impregnated silk dome, ultra-light weight, high sensitivity, high electromechanical stability


damped three-band bass reflex with Mirror Bass technology and opening towards the floor


hand veneered, uses MDF and a complex internal bracing system against parasitic resonances with damping by three complementary materials

Frequency Range

40 – 30,000 kHz (-3 dB)


1 pair of individually mounted gold-plated Xavian terminals


4 ohms (linearized by members for easy loading for amplifiers)

Transition Frequency

250 Hz and 2500 Hz

Sensitivity ( 2.83V / 1m )

94 dB

Recommended Amplifier Power


Dimensions (HxWxD)

1070 x 250 (320) x 350 (420) mm

Weight (1 Piece)

33.5 kg

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