Finale Audio F-300B Classic Monoblock Power Amplifiers

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Single-Ended Triode (SET) 300B Power Amps (pair): Finale's most popular monoblocks


Proudly Made in Canada by fanatical tube enthusiasts.   



These compact 300B beauties deliver superb triode performance with extremely low noise. Coupled with moderately sensitive speakers (89dB +) these amplifiers are highly musical and offer a lifetime of satisfaction and engagement. Many upgrades are also available to the Classics, including the transformers, chokes, tubes, coupling capacitors, connectors, automotive paintwork, etc.


Quick Facts:

The Highlights:

  • Single Stage Driver Design, by maximizing the potential of a single 12AX7 tube to command and control the output tubes in the most effective manner (in single ended / SRPP mode), the key lies in the preciseness, accuracy and efficiency to achieve this simple-best approach design thanks to the 12AX7's high gain. We derive a more pure sonic result from this, vs using a 2-stage design that is needed with most other preamp tubes, such as 6H30 / 6922 / 5687 etc. (that extra stage results in more phase shift, more rolloff, more distortion, and less natural presentation).

  • Class A 8W (Max) per monoblock. The amps are tuned for refinement over raw power, it's more useful and solid than the power rating would suggest.

  • Autobias Safe / Reliable / No Fuss / Longer tube life

  • DC Filament Supply / Direct coupling for quiet, stable and most linear playback

  • Finale Audio Pink-Lingu RCA (Rose-Gold Plated)

  • Mundorf Audiophiler ZN or EVO Oil Coupling Caps

  • FURUTECH Japan Gold AC Inlets

  • 5-way Binding Posts 0-4-8 or 0-8-16 (Ask about upgrades to CMC or Cardas)

  • Standard Finish : British Racing Green / other finishes are subject to availability

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