Finale Audio Prelude Preamplifier

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Hand-built in Canada. 

  • Basic model, upgraded with the Mundorf Supreme EVO Silver-Gold coupling capacitors and Copper transformer shield - same as found on the FFX spec.
  • Most of the sound to the FFX without the full price
  • Our famous phono stage included
  • The most realistic, natural, organic, music reproduction - especially if an authentic Western Electric 396a is used (not included)
  • Prelude can drive all kinds of power amps from tube to solid state , low or high power, thanks to the transistor hybrid output for perfect impedance matching ability.

Demo model for sale has the upgraded acrylic top cover. Full 2-year warranty, excluding the tubes.

Look up the review in Wall Of Sound.

Late-2022 Customer comment on Prelude FFX:

"I have only had 2 days with this preamp and I am totally blown away, it is a magical masterpiece that transports me to another dimension. My previous preamp is the Copland CTA 301 MKII which is regarded as Copland's greatest preamp, the Prelude FFX preamp absolutely and totally blows it away. The Copland CTA 301 MKII back in the day was regarded as a reference preamp by a number of audio reviewers. Every day I listen to the Prelude FFX, the more impressed I become with it. Please pass this on to Frank. In my current system, this is the best preamp I have had the pleasure to own... although I feel it owns me..." -G.C., Western Canada


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