NorStone Spider Modular Audio Stand

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NorStone's Spider is a heavy, elegant and unique stand which comes in "modules":

Spider Base (12cm tall)

Spider 1 (23cm tall)

Spider 2 (26cm tall)

Spider 3 (36cm tall)

*Please see photos.

Order only the module(s) you want - use them as floor platforms or build a vertical stand. You can mix and match according to your needs. For assistance with your order, email us at

The Spider is a core part of your hi-fi installation and is designed to expose, support and isolate electronic equipment. It is currently the most efficient HiFi NorStone furniture in terms of vibration damping.



Structure: Black metal 

Shelf: Real bamboo or black tempered glass



Spider Base (W x H x D): 652 x 120 x 602mm 

Spider 1 (W x H x D): 652 x 233 x 602mm

Spider 2 (W x H x D): 652 x 263 x 602mm

Spider 3 (W x H x D): 652 x 363 x 602mm

Shelf Thickness 15mm (all models)



40 kg (all models)



Spider Base: Gross Weight 17.35kg, Net Weight 15.85kg

Spider 1: Gross Weight 17.49kg, Net Weight 15.99kg

Spider 2: Gross Weight 17.84kg, Net Weight 16.24kg
Spider 3: Gross Weight 18.5kg, Net Weight 17kg

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