NEW! Tangent Ampster II BT + DALI Spektor 2 Speakers

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The Denmark System

Now we are talking about a good insight into the high end, without the requisite price premium.

You can simply connect your phone and start streaming music - Tangent's popular Ampster II BT handles your Bluetooth device as well as a variety of other inputs. Perfect for your office, cottage, a second system, or what have you. Later you can add from a slew of available options if you want to build on it. 


  • Tangent Ampster II BT Amplifier with full function remote control
  • Award-winning DALI Spektor 2 speakers
  • Speaker cables
  • Shipping
  • Manufacturer's warranties

Price includes shipping in Canada. Yes, we even include speaker cables. And any after-sales support you may need.


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  • White, Black Ash or Walnut finish (speakers)
  • Length of cables needed


Available Options (contact us):

  • Tangent CD II (add $280)
  • Tangent Tuner II (add $280)
  • DALI E-600 Stands
  • Norstone Stands
  • DALI C-8D Subwoofer


 *To ensure availability and colour choice, please email us first.

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