Atlas Cables Element Achromatic RCA 1-meter

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Element Achromatic RCA

Our original design brief for the Element Achromatic RCA was to create a better than average, high quality, entry level interconnect. It seems we succeeded. This latest Element cable has an improved specification – essentially, matching the Element Superior from our previous range, which won numerous awards internationally and proved one of our most successful products.

A stereo interconnect with a neutral, relaxing sound, proven to be an excellent foundation for further system improvements.

Benefitting from our ongoing research and development, the Element is fitted with our Achromatic non-magnetic RCA plug. The low-mass Achromatic connector features a solder-free, cold-weld connection, all optimised to create a coherent, continuous signal path. The signal conductor is a fully shielded high quality OCC copper, designed and constructed to provide maximum resistance to RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) which can raise noise levels in a poorly shielded cable.

The result is a cable which offers a large three dimensional soundstage and fine levels of detail without the artificial brightness which affects many budget cables. The Element Achromatic offers a neutral, relaxing sound and has proven to be an excellent foundation for further system improvements.

The Element range includes other analogue termination options, complementary USB & digital interconnects and speaker cables.


"Most of the sonic advantages of midrange interconnects, at a budget price.

A fantastic showing for its asking price, the Atlas Element Achromatic does not disgrace itself – even when partnered with some exotic equipment."

HiFi World, March 2021


"It remains consistent in its ability to keep a soundstage tidy, keep the frequency range smoothly integrated and ensure rhythms and tempos stay on the front foot.

This lack of artifice makes a good change from any number of alternative cables that seem determined to make an overt mark on the sound of a system."

HiFi Plus, March 2021


"That such a relatively inexpensive cable can perform so well served to make me think again about price/performance and the law of diminishing returns.

 The Elements replaced some far more expensive cables from another well-respected British manufacturer and to be honest, I could detect no loss of sound quality or musicality in the performance."

ear Best Buy, Feb. 2021

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