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Read Alan Sircom's HiFi+ July 2024 review:


The 1+1 is the most unique small footprint loudspeaker in the world. Like all Audience ClairAudient speakers, it features the single wideband driver design that delivers a totally transparent sound due to the lack of a crossover. However, in this model a bi-pole configuration is used which expands the soundstage, extends low frequency and increases power handling. There are active full range drivers on the front and back which are complemented by passive radiators on each side. The jewel-like enclosure is a joy to look at and will fit into any room where space is at a premium and high quality sound is desired. Affordable and amazing, the 1+1 must be heard to be believed.

Right from the first introduction of this awesomely innovative design from Audience the 1+1 received lofty recognition from the prominent high end audio publications; The Absolute Sound, from the world debut at THE Show Newport in June 2012, and again from THE Show Las Vegas in Jan 2013 John Atkinson, editor of Stereophile Magazine states “The sound was dynamic with surprisingly extended low frequencies”.

"These iconic one-way bipole speakers, now in their fifth generation, might just be the champion when it comes to making a desktop system sound just like a typical two-channel audio system. “I’m surprised at how steady improvements have turned this unorthodox design into one of the best bookshelf monitors I’ve heard for the price,” our reviewer concluded, noting that the ClairAudients can be especially rewarding in a near-field listening position. A Reviewer’s Choice winner with three individual PTA reviewers extolling their considerable virtues." - Part Time Audiophile 


Sept.2022 Steven Stone of hi-fi+ talks about the V5. youtube video link

Oct.2023 Greg Weaver reviews the V5. youtube video link

Aug.2022 David Snyder of Dagogo reviews the V5. Read the review


More About Audience's ClairAudient Line Source Array Loudspeakers

Audience Loudspeaker Design and Technology

Every speaker available today operates on the same physical principle that converts an electrical signal to mechanical/acoustical energy in order to convey audible sound through air. The differences in performance between one speaker and another are achieved by the manner in which the electrical to mechanical conversion is accomplished. Over the last 50 years or so modern loudspeakers have grown in sophistication and technology. However, with these advancements and technologies has come unnecessary complexity and problems which inherently detract from ultimate resolving power and the realistic portrayal of the musical event. Recently, the engineering team at Audience has succeeded in advancing beyond the compromises which plague even the best conventional speaker systems. With the development of the ClairAudient Loudspeaker Systems, our dream of an elegantly simple yet sophisticated driver technology has become reality. The compelling musicality of the ClairAudient line exists because of the painstaking research and engineering that produced the most sophisticated full range driver ever imagined. ClairAudient speakers have no disparate drivers (mids, woofers or tweeters). When the troublesome complexities of trying to blend the sound from different size drivers are eliminated the result is unprecedented coherency with uniform and coloration free output across the entire frequency range.

Audience technology also eliminates the most problematic element in conventional designs…phase anomalies due to the use of crossover networks. The drawbacks of crossovers are seen particularly in the treble region. Many designers must compensate for phase difference effects on response curves by introducing electrical compensation via the crossover. This might smooth out the measured response for testing but the transient response is destroyed. Complex waveforms are now incapable of being reproduced clearly or accurately. Our hearing is most sensitive to the frequency region around 2500hz. This is, unfortunately, where most mid-high crossovers effect what we hear. At Audience the use of multiple identical full-range drivers reproduces an extremely flat response from 40hz to 22khz with no phase issues at all.

ClairAudient loudspeaker technology delivers very high intelligibility of the most subtle of musical nuances. The remarkable 3 inch A3S drivershave a total moving mass of only 2.5 grams! In addition the cone materials are made from a Titanium alloy that provides strength and rigidity. The massively oversized magnet/motor structure coupled with the light weight of the cone assure response times that easily rival electrostatic panels. The resolution of musical detail at every frequency is unparalleled.

The ability to play loudly without distortion or compression is a required performance trait for realistic audio reproduction. Without this capability music sounds flat, somewhat lifeless and not very exciting or involving. The Audience A3S driver in multiple configurations produces stunning power and dynamic contrast without distortion at volume levels of live music. The 16+16 is the only speaker system that can bring a full symphony orchestra at live levels into the home. It is the unprecedented combination of coherency, resolution and dynamics that sets ClairAudient loudspeakers apart from all others.

Audience speakers are also capable of an exceptionally smooth and wide range polar response. Though the A3S driver delivers all frequencies in the audible range, if the entire driver was to reproduce the high frequencies the end result would be as if it was an oversized tweeter, which would exhibit severe beaming at frequencies over 10KHz. Audience solves this high frequency beaming problem very effectively and, again, without the complications of crossovers or correction networks. The small dust cap at the center of the driver decouples from the rest of the cone in a controlled manner, acting as if it was a small concave dome tweeter with wide and uniform dispersion.

The ClairAudient Loudspeaker Systems truly represent an innovation in musical accuracy and neutrality. This reduction in several forms of distortion also applies to bass performance. Multiple ultra-low distortion drivers are capable of realistic bass sound staging with a seamlessness and coherency that no conventional speaker can produce. The ability to recreate a wide, deep and realistic sound field is another performance advantage of ClairAudient loudspeaker technology. To produce a soundstage that offers some semblance of realistic acoustic space designers typically rely on various "tweaks" to crossover components and speaker/driver modifications. An Audience loudspeaker's ability to recreate acoustic space is uncanny in its realism. The smooth and uniform polar response of ClairAudient speakers coupled with the top to bottom single driver full range output creates the most realistic placement of musicians, instruments and the recording environment. ClairAudient loudspeakers are capable of producing a typical "sweet spot" response for a single listener as well as a Sweet-Space that extends the primary listening area for several people. Versatile positioning of the angle of the speaker into the room contribute to the stunning three dimensional "feel" of the performance. No other speaker systems can produce a more convincing sound stage.

ClairAudient Loudspeaker Systems embody the ultimate in technology for the finest in musical realism, emotional involvement and enjoyment.

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