Finale Audio Conductor Preamplifier (Demo Special)

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Hand-built in Canada. 

We are proud to offer one of the original flagship Finale Conductor preamps, Serial # 003. Featuring a fully tube-rectified power supply with a massive James power transformer; at this time the Conductor had an extra EF86 tube for power regulation (this was discontinued on later versions due to the high cost). This preamp has three line inputs, and two sets of outputs. The tube power supply takes up a fully separate chassis, joined by the supplied umbilical cable. With the gain of four 6922's, it combines the best sonic elements of the Prelude and Maestro models, and is a true reference in terms of musicality, transparency and low noise. Note that this version does not include a phono section.  

This Conductor features handcrafted acrylic top/side covers. This demo unit is offered 'as new', with a full 2-year warranty from Finale Audio (*warranty excludes the tubes).

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