Finalé Audio F-300B EVO (2023) Stereo Integrated Amp Demo Special

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Proudly Made in Canada by fanatical tube enthusiasts.   



This 300B SET amplifier from Finalé Audio has less than 100 hours use and is equipped with a fine complement of tubes included in the price. It features the full suite of Hasimoto Japan transformers. Finish is Hammertone. 3-year warranty included. (ex tubes)

2 x Electro-Harmonix 12AX7 input (Russia)
2 x Electro-Harmonix 6H30Pi Gold Pin driver (Russia)
2 x TJ Full Music 300B mesh plate power (China)
1 x RCA 5T4 metal body rectifier (USA)

*6DJ8/6922 can be used instead of the 6H30.

Power output 7 direct-heated triode watts per channel, Class A. Speakers with >92dB sensitivity are recommended. The amp is a purist design with two line level inputs.

Size 18.5" L, 13.5" W, 9.25" H. Weight approx 35 lbs.

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Tubes, power cord and paperwork. 3yr warranty.

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