Finale Audio Maestro-6 Preamplifier

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Hand-built in Canada. 

Finale Audio Maestro-6 Hybrid Tube Preamplifier. Using direct-coupling and the classic "6" (6V) tubes - the 6DJ8/6922 - the M-6 offers a contrast in presentation compared with the Maestro and Prelude. The sound is more up-front and "hi-fi", in the style of the original Marantz Model 7. This version features a solid-state rectifier (no tube in the rectifier position), for more reliable and stable operation. The M-6 is designed for the audiophile who has 6DJ8/6922 tubes in their collection. For more on the background and rationale of the M-6, please read the Maestro page at Finale Audio's website:

Serial #002 was originally from 2017. This is a 2022-revised preamp with the rectifier-delete option. It includes an excellent phono section. As with all Finale and Triode Lab products, everything in the circuit has been designed for low noise - even the power transformer is installed at an angle (based on our listening and measuring) and blocked by a copper shield. Model for sale has the upgraded acrylic top cover. Full 2-year warranty, excluding the tubes.

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