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We now offer the Harmonic Technology Melody Line III as a custom terminated speaker cable. It is near-identical in design to the Neotech NES-3005II, and uses Harmonic's proprietary 13.5 awg OCC Single Crystal Copper. We like it because it incorporates both stranded and solid core OCC copper.


Stereo Untypical Recommended Product.


Harmonic Technology and Neotech are both made/owned by Wan Lung of Taiwan, one of the only licensed producers of OCC wire. Wan Lung manufactures OEM wire and cable for many audiophile companies. The Harmonic Tech Melody Line III is actually more expensive per meter than the Neotech NES-3005II. Our distributor made a special bulk purchase, so we can offer the Melody Line III at a considerable cost savings compared to the NES-3005II:

Retail prices:

Length__NES-3005II__Melody Line III

2.0 meters __ $650 __ $450 (in stock)

2.5 meters __ $750 __ $530

3.0 meters __ $850 __ $610

Excellent value. The Melody Line comes terminated with the Neotech DG-SK8B banana plugs. No retail packaging. These are brand new unused cables.

The Melody Line III is an ideal speaker cable for an aspiring audiophile on a budget.

Shipping in Canada is included.

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