Music Hall A15.3 Integrated Amp (Demo Sale)

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The Music Hall A15.3 is a superbly built 50W integrated amp for the analog enthusiast. It's equipped with an excellent phono stage, and plenty of input and output options. Top notch sound quality, we recommend this amp if you aren't interested in onboard DAC or streaming functions.

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"When the needle dropped, what sprung forth was a lively, visceral sound the likes of which I never expected from such a low-priced integrated amplifier. The drums in the title track’s opening had strong impact and good bass weight, the high-frequency carnival-type sounds rang through super-clearly, and Springsteen’s vocal sounded wholly natural and easy to pick out in the mix. The sound was also dynamic as hell, yet there was an ease to what I heard that indicated that the a15.3 wasn’t breaking a sweat... "

-Doug Schneider, Soundstage! HiFi

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• high-current 50 watt/ch class AB amplifier

• ultra low-noise pre-amplifier section

• digitally controlled, analog-domain volume circuit

• brushed aluminum face plate

• gold-plated heavy gauge speaker binding posts

• 5 x analog stereo gold plated analog inputs

• 1 x pre-amp out

• moving-magnet phono input

• 1 x 3.5mm headphone output

• 1 x 3.5mm front panel line input

• special padded vibration damping feet

• powerful high-current toroidal power transformer

• voltage switchable

• detachable power cord

• system remote control