NAD D3020V2 + DALI Oberon 1 Speakers

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The Natalie System

NAD + DALI = "Natalie" (get it?)


The NAD and DALI organizations have a very long and storied association, and the amp-speaker pairings have fantastic synergy. This system can do just about everything - it plays your streams today, and forms the flexible basis of a future "big system" tomorrow. Getting into vinyl? No problem, the award-winning NAD has a great phono input built in. You can add headphones, a subwoofer, audio from digital components (including TV), just about everything you can imagine. And it still has the tiny footprint and stylish looks that suit your lifestyle. DALI's pint sized Oberon 1 sound huge; their patented SMC technology puts their drivers at the leading edge of what's available at this level today. Oberon speakers dominate their price ranges.

Highly recommended. 

Oberon 1 are available in Light Oak, Dark Walnut, Black, and White. Please email us first to confirm availability.

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