Pro-ject Pick It S2 MM (Ortofon) LIKE-NEW Trade-in Special

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Beautiful design and superior sound!

The Pro-Ject Pick it S2 MM is manufactured by the cartridge experts at Ortofon and voiced by the design team at Pro-Ject. It is equipped with a special elliptical stylus tip. It provides detailed sound reproduction and expansive imaging. It is a no-nonsense performer with fascinating musical resources. Attached to a strong cantilever, used in DJ cartridges, this cartridge will not just sound great, it is also very strong.
The cartridge is made from a unique combination of technologies. Among others Ortofon‘s well known split pole pins. This enables it to have a flat frequency response, which compares with MC cartridges. The superior treble output provides a dynamic and warm sound.

Inspired by the diamond found on the stylus, the Pick it S2 MM is a beautiful design featuring a new and unique semi-transparent grey color. It goes perfectly with most Pro-Ject record players.
This example was traded in by a loyal Nagaoka customer who wanted to upgrade his new Pro-ject turntable. It only has 10-15 hours of use and is in like-new condition.

Weight 7.2 g

Stylus type elliptical

Frequency response 20 - 20.000 Hz

Output voltage 7 mV

Recommended tracking force 1,8 g (mN)

Trackability (315 Hz, lateral) 70 µm

Recommended load capacitance 150 - 300 pF

Recommended load resistance 47 kΩ