Triangle Borea BR02 Bookshelf Loudspeakers

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 The bookshelf speaker Borea BR02 is the most compact speaker of the range. It fits easily on a dedicated stand, your bookshelf or most other furniture. A perfect introduction to the world of hi-fi, this small speaker will surprise you by the immersion and sound amplitude it provides.

Equipped with a 25mm EFS silk dome tweeter and a 13cm transducer with a natural cellulose paper membrane, this speaker transposes all the richness of the voices and instruments tones, while maintaining a surprising bass level for its reduced size.

It will fit perfectly in rooms of up to 20m2, offering the dynamism and energy emblematic of TRIANGLE. The BR02 can also be used as an effect channel (Surround or Atmos) in home theater setups.

Available in four finishes.

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Type: Bookshelf speaker

Ways: 2

Sensitivity (dB/W/m): 89

Bandwidth (+/-3dB Hz-KHz): 51-22

Power Handling (W Rms): 80

Minimum Impedance min. / max. (ohms): 3.6 / 8

Cabinets Dimensions WxHxD (Inch): 6.9 x 12.2 x 10.8

Packaging Dimensions WxHxD (Inch): 18.7 x 15.1 x 13.8

Net Weight (Lbs): 10.7

Packaging Weight (Lbs/per pair): 26

Finishes: Light Oak, White, Black Ash, Walnut

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