Triode Lab 2A3 Americano Monoblock Power Amplifiers (pair)

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A beautiful demo pair of 2A3 Americanos, like new with very few hours on them. Brand new tubes.

Normally $6000 without tubes, we are offering this pair at $5000 with a complete set of tubes.


Read more about these amazing amps from Triode Lab / Finalé Audio:


2A3-AMERICANO Mono Blocks

Class A 3.5W+3.5W (Conservatively rated, it’s actually measured max at 4.5W @ 8 Ohms, with a pair of well used EH 2A3 Gold)

  • 6SN7/CV181 as front end

  • 2A3 Triode Output/Power Tube Pair

  • Configurations : Class A Auto-Bias

  • Triode Lab x Hammonds 3.5K HiFi Output Transformer (20Hz-20Khz). Proprietary and OEM to our specs specific for 45 and 2A3 Triode. CSA/SA Compliance 1900V Hi-Pot Tested. Hammonds Canada is one of the oldest (80+ years consecutively running) and biggest audio transformer manufacture in the world.

  • 8 Ohms and 16 Ohms

  • Catch of the day (random brand) RCA input connector & binding post & coupling caps & IEC (So DIYer / Enthusiast have the excuse to mod and use parts as they wish)

  • 5U4/5T4 (Only) rectifier tube

  • Speakers Recommendation : From simple/crossover-less full range speakers below 90 db all the way up to 98 db crossover-ed speakers.

  • Input Sensitivity : 885mv@220K ohm

  • Chassis Size - 12” Wide x 9” Deep (+ Length of Binding Posts)

  • MSRP $5,999 / PAIR + Upgrades

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