Usher Audio Be718 Tiny Dancers (used)

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Nothing "tiny" about these speakers! Excellent condition 2-way monitors (stands not included), well known and respected. Condition is between 8 and 9 - note that three of the eight grille pegs are broken. (see last photo)

Original MSRP was close to $4k. No tax on these. Local sale is preferred due to the weight of the box (80 lbs).


..if you don't want to spend a penny more than you have to for not simply good but great sound, if you love music and want to keep the affair alive, you should listen to the Usher Be-718—and buy a powerful amplifier with the money you'll save. You won't regret either decision. -Stereophile


Fed by an adequately powerful amplifier, be it tubes or solid-state, these Tiny Dancers are terrific performers combining a surprising and class-leading quality and quantity of bass brawn with excellent dynamics, a beautifully articulate and expressive mid-band and an honest yet fatigue-free treble. -6Moons


Description: Two-way, reflex-loaded, stand-mounted loudspeaker.

Drive-units: 1.25" beryllium-dome tweeter, 7" doped-paper–cone woofer.

Crossover frequency: 2.06kHz.

Frequency response: 42Hz–35kHz, ±3dB.

Nominal impedance: 8 ohms.

Sensitivity: 87dB/W/m.

Power handling: 200W.

Dimensions: 15.2" (390mm) H by 10.2" (260mm) W by 16.9" (430mm) D.

Weight: 37.9 lbs (17.2kg).

Finishes: Silver or Piano Black with Pioneer Birch side panels.



Original double boxes and packaging