Wireworld Micro-Eclipse 8 1.0 Meter AES/EBU

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Superbly made OCC digital cables don't have to break the bank!
Utilizing the same world-class design as its higher priced siblings, Micro-Eclipse 8 is the cable for those who refuse to compromise when it comes to preserving the natural timbre and expressive dynamics of instruments and voices. Micro-Eclipse 8 features an upgraded Tri-DNA Helix cable design, with OCC-7N copper conductors and Composilex 3 insulation. 
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Configuration: 110 Ohm Balanced AES/EBU
Design: Tri DNA Helix
Signal Conductors: Qty: 3 | 26AWG | 0.13 sq. mm
Conductor Material: OCC-7N Copper
Insulation: Composilex 3
Plug Contacts: Silver-clad Copper Alloy

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