Wireworld Micro-Silver Eclipse 8 1.5 Meter AES/EBU

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A superb digital interconnect at an affordable price!
Just below Micro-Platinum Eclipse 8 in its preservation of sonic textures and image focus, Micro-Silver Eclipse 8 is the cable for listeners who demand high resolution, pristine tone quality and lifelike dynamics from their high-end component systems. Ohno Continuous Cast 7N silver-clad copper conductors enhance resolution and image focus. 
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  • CONFIGURATION: 110 Ohm Balanced Digital AES/EBU
  • DESIGN:  Tri DNA Helix
  • SIGNAL CONDUCTORS:  3 (13 strand groups)    26AWG  |  0.13 sq. mm
  • CONDUCTOR MATERIAL:  OCC-7N Silver-clad copper alloy
  • INSULATION:  Composilex 3
  • PLUG CONTACTS:  Silver-clad copper alloy

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