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Aria is another brand new offering in XAVIAN's 25th Anniversary Harmony series. With classic lines, selected Danish Scan-Speak loudspeakers are employed, characterized by low distortion and high sensitivity, thanks to which Aria performs at its best even at low and medium volumes. Aria stands out for its remarkable musicality and lightness of presentation, unusual for bookshelf loudspeakers. The enclosures are hand veneered and manufactured with our traditional unsurpassed care for quality workmanship. Come see and hear them for yourself.

Oak model is in stock. It's a beautiful natural oak veneer, nearly as light as maple but more prolific.

Choice of finish: Zebrano / Rosewood / Cherry / Walnut / Oak / Black high gloss / White high gloss

 *Magnetic fabric grille covers are optional at $200 per pair.

"The shapely Xavian Aria monitors play naturally, with a lightness and exceptional tonal neutrality that suits virtually any genre of music. The bass is brisk, precisely articulated, but doesn't reach into the deepest octaves. However, the filigree midrange offers an exceptionally rich spectrum that stands out, especially with acoustic instruments and vocals. Distinctlt smooth highs follow, without the slightest inappropriate accents. The music scene is three-dimensional, with clear localization. Appropriate dynamics also contribute to the musical expression. Like both larger models, Aria also has the gift of creating a personal connection with music for listeners." Pavel Vísek, Stereo & Video

"XAVIAN says that the Armonia series represents a new sound standard for the company, and it is true that it sounds different from the series we were used to in the previous decade, however even in these models (including the Aria shelf of course) you can feel a touch of the kind musicality for which it is a favorite brand. The Aria is a seemingly simple, almost British speaker with a characteristically high-quality build and well-matched fitment, with very low distortion and a clean, lively, fast sound that willingly shows off the character of electronics and recordings while holding back. If you are looking for a disciplined, precise and yet refined "almost-monitor", the XAVIAN Aria have very attractive potential." Daniel Brezina, hifi-voice.com


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  • high sensitivity, liveliness of reproduction and musicality
  • easily driven even with tube amplifiers
  • bitumen composite damping for ideal resonance control
  • fabric magnetic grille covers (extra cost option)
  • select custom Scan-Speak transducers
  • matching of drivers with a tolerance of +/- 1 dB
  • front bass-reflex for easy installation
  • High precision Mundorf and Jantzen components in the crossovers



181mm Custom Scan-Speak, Kevlar Diaphragm, High Sensitivity, Wide Frequency Range


26mm custom Scan-Speak, hand-impregnated silk dome, ultra-light weight, high sensitivity, high electromechanical stability


damped two-way bass-reflex, front ported


hand-veneered, uses MDF and damping with three complementary materials

Frequency Range

50 - 30,000 kHz (-3 dB)


1 pair of individually mounted gold-plated Xavian terminals


8 ohms

Crossover Frequency

2300 Hz

Sensitivity ( 2.83V / 1m )

89 dB

Recommended Amplifier Power


Dimensions (HxWxD)

445 x 220 x 300 mm

Weight (1 Piece)

12 kg


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