XAVIAN Prometeo Loudspeakers (Pair)

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Prometeo (Prometheus), the creator of man from dust and rain. Prometeo, Titan who brought the fire back to mankind. Prometeo, the symbol of courage - and the idea that people deserve divine things. XAVIAN chose his name for their most ambitious model, with which they want to bring the music itself into your home.

XAVIAN's knowledge of more than 20 years, all that we learned about acoustics, dynamics and reconstruction of soundstage. Prometeo is the technical pinnacle of what XAVIAN stands for – this is our cost-no-object project, we created these speakers to not hold any of the music back, while designing an enclosure with classic aesthetics.

After much design thinking, development and many hours listening, we chose the tweeter with classic soft dome, that betters the metals and exotic materials with its natural sound and integration with the rest of the frequency range. Developed completely in house, and we are producing it in Italy under the AudioBarletta brand, exclusively for XAVIAN.

The midrange driver from our Orfeo is coupled to four woofers, to achieve truly unrestricted frequency range and dynamics. For each and every pair we make, all drivers are chosen and paired by measuring and listening.

Enormous care is given to designing an absolutely transparent crossover network – every single component, every path, every connection has it´s own well-considered and tested place, with the parameters enabling the music signal to flow unimpeded.

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• the best sensitivity, frequency response, and harmonic distortion of any Xavian speaker
• 8 ohm nominal impedance – easily driven even by tube amplifiers
• nominal power input – 600 Watts RMS
• exclusive custom-designed AudioBarletta drivers
• sandwich voice coil of bass drivers with winding inside and outside the former
• complex labyrinth on the backside of the tweeter
• hand-matched driver pairs
• inert cabinets with complex system of inner bracing
• special advanced crossovers with variable slopes
• crossovers for low pass and high pass sections separated to achieve minimal interaction
• compensation of the woofer reactivity on the upper impedance peak
• 1% tolerance Mundorf resistors
• 3% tolerance Jantzen and Mundorf coils and capacitors
• provision for bi-amping / bi-wiring
• three luxurious finishes to choose from
• protective cover with integrated magnets
• Tetrapod plinth system to achieve perfect position and decoupling on any surface
• heavy duty wooden transport crates



4 x 175 mm AudioBarletta – special impregnated paper cone, die-cast basket, extreme magnetic motor, extreme excursion, wide extension, thick and high copper cap on pole piece, 50mm high power voice coil


175 mm AudioBarletta – special impregnated paper cone, die-cast basket, extreme magnetic motor, extreme excursion, wideband extension, thick and high copper cap on the pole piece, 50mm high power voice coil


AudioBarletta – AudioBarletta 29 mm voice coil with copper-clad flat aluminium wire, impregnated soft dome, thick copper ring in motor, extreme ceramic magnet, labyrinth inner chamber, front die cast chassis with controlled dispersion


3-way damped bass-reflex with 4 woofers, Mundorf oil capacitors, military grade resistors, high precision air-wound inductors. 2 rear bass-reflex ports with aluminium duct; wide internal/external ports for minimal turbulence


Hand-made selected Italian 23 mm massive oak, or select maple with walnut inserts ('Marina' version), composite bitumen for inner damping

Frequency Response

( -3dB on reference axis): 30 – 30000 Hz


2 pairs of individually mounted Xavian binding posts: option to bi-wire / bi-amp

Nominal Impedance

8 ohms

Crossover Frequencies

300Hz, 2200 Hz

Sensitivity (2.83V / 1m)

90 dB

Recommended Power Amplifier

50 – 600 W

Dimensions (HxWxD)

1200 x 256 x 366 mm

Net Weight (each)

80 kg

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