Finalé Audio F6 Hommage 6V6 Tube Amplifier (new, upgraded)

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Available with your choice of black metal or B-stock acrylic top cover. See photos.

"No matter what music I was playing, my right brain was completely engaged in the listening experience. Each time I dropped the needle, I was allowed to experience the passion of the musicians involved." Paul Schumann

Click/tap to read the new review of the F6 Hommage (EF86 version) in Enjoy The Music.

F6 Hommage has become one of our most popular amps. Is it the 4 watts and high tech wizardry? No, it's the way music pours out and makes your speakers come alive. The 6V6 tube in single-ended form is an exceptionally pure and smooth amplifier! Finalé's implementation ensures quiet and low distortion performance. If you have high sensitivity speakers - Klipsch, JBL, Altec, Tannoy, etc., this amp is well worth hearing.

Equipped with Edcor USA output transformers and the high spec parts you've come to expect from Finalé. One left in stock. $2250 including tubes, with full two-year warranty. Included are the excellent Mullard 6V6's which sell for $50 USD apiece.

Additionally - this amp is being upgraded with Mundorf Supreme EVO Silver/Gold coupling capacitors, a $200 value! See photo above.

• 40-20 Khz TRUE hi-fi Output Transformers by Edcor (Made in USA)

• 8 Ohms Speakers Output Only (Tubes don’t sound good at lower ohms anyway)

• 4W + 4W Pure Class A

• Two discrete Sets of RCA Inputs / Purest Signal Path

• Auto-bias / Maintenance Free Circuit - Just change the tubes every few years!

• Hammond Canada power transformer and choke, made to CSA/SA compliance / standards

• Alps Blue Volume Pot

• Amp can be upgraded to Mundorf EVO or ZN Coupling Caps - See Note Above

• Spec and Performance are the same as the F-6V6 , except the power supply is not regulated - but still very quiet. (See below).

• Finale Tuxedo Black Aryclic Face Plate included

• Dimensions: 11” W x 13” D X 4.5” H (Not including knobs / connectors/ feet). Same as our preamps

• MSRP $3,750 CAD / USD (2022 Price)

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