Finalé Audio F6 Hommage 6V6 Tube Amplifier (new!)

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Fresh in from Finalé's workshop in Toronto --- two brand new F6 Hommage stereo integrateds, done in copper chassis paint. Badass Black knobs or Sexy Silver, your choice. I have a B-stock acrylic cover too that I could include, if you prefer the "topless" look. See photos.

F6 Hommage has become one of our most popular amps. Is it the 4 watts and high tech wizardry? No, it's the way music pours out and makes your speakers come alive. The 6V6 tube in single-ended form is an exceptionally pure and smooth amplifier! Finalé's implementation ensures quiet and low distortion performance.

Both units are identically equipped with Edcor USA output transformers and all the upgraded parts you've come to expect from Finalé. Currently $2800 plus tubes, including full two year warranty.

40-20 Khz TRUE hi-fi Output Transformers by Edcor (Made in USA)

8 Ohms Speakers Output Only (Tubes don’t sound good at lower ohms anyway)

4W + 4W Pure Class A

Two discrete Sets of RCA Inputs / Purest Signal Path

Auto-bias / Maintenance Free Circuit - Just change the tubes every few years!

Hammond Canada power transformer and choke, made to CSA/SA compliance / standards

Alps Blue Volume Pot

Amp can be upgraded to Mundorf EVO or ZN Coupling Caps

Spec and Performance are the same as the F-6V6 , except the power supply is not regulated - but still very quiet. (See below).

Other options : additional Input; Lorlin UK Selector , Finale Tuxedo Black Aryclic Face Plate Delete

Dimensions: 11” W x 13” D X 4.5” H (Not including knobs / connectors/ feet). Same as our preamps

MSRP $3,500 CAD / USD (2022 Price)