Neotech NEVD-2001 Coaxial Digital Cable (1.5-meter)

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Top level performance, mid level price. Neotech is one of the world's major wire producers, specializing in high performance cables for audio and video - they are a major supplier to many audiophile cable brands.

The Neotech NEVD-2001 is a pure silver, 75 Ohm coaxial cable for digital signal transfer. NEVD-2001 features quad shielding:

  • Pure Silver Conductor
  • Physics Foam Polyethylene Insulation
  • Cu-Mylar Screen Foil
  • Microporous PTFE
  • SP-OFC Braided Shielding

Note that 1.5-meter is the recommended length for maximum performance in a 75 Ohm coaxial cable.

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