Phono Solutions PS-2 Phono Preamplifier

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Compact and great sounding - the PS2 Preamp is a souped-up PS1 - in addition to all discrete circuitry, it has more power supply current, a volume control, and 0.4V (3.5V) more output, equating to 7dB more than the PS1. That means it can be used with cartridges that have a high output, or a “medium” output level, such as the 1.6mV Denon DL-110. Having a volume control also means you could even use the PS2 as your preamp, if phono is your only source. The PS2 also has superb overload performance - this all translates into achieving the most analog satisfaction from your budget system.

Makes a great gift for someone just getting into vinyl!

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Comes with: original box and packaging, power adaptor, spec sheet and good quality OFC interconnect cables.

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