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Please note that Corallo Esclusivo has been discontinued. As of our last update there was a single pair left in Prague, in Matte Black. Please contact us if interested.

Stands are still available as they are the same as the Ambra and Premio.


Corallo Esclusivo is a version of the Ambra Esclusiva in a more compact form, thanks to the sealed enclosure concept. The audiophile concept fits perfectly in smaller spaces and atypical positions: near walls, in bookshelves and other situations where bass reflex might be causing problems. The handmade cabinets are available in six luxurious finishes and made of solid oak wood in a "massive" construction, with excellent rigidity. The organic cabinet shapes fit easily into any interior.

Corallo Esclusivo is fitted exclusively with AudioBarletta drivers that are designed and manufactured by us in Italy for use in this model. Sophisticated crossovers with drivers connected in series, thanks to our Phase Zero topology, using premium components from Jantzen and Mundorf and ensuring precise phasing of both drivers for perfect coherence and focused listening. 


We preserved the aesthetic and sophisticated refinement of the Ambra Esclusiva, but moved the sound closer to the ideal of audiophile purity, where Corallo Esclusivo blends precise reproduction with musical richness. The optional Premio/Ambra/Corallo Esclusivo stands may be used for a perfect coupling.




  • custom-designed AudioBarletta drivers made in Italy
  • hand-made and extremely rigid construction of solid oak cabinets
  • exceptional full-bodied and vibrant sound
  • organic cabinet shapes on a compact footprint, suitable for any space
  • six beautiful finishes to choose from
  • sealed enclosure for easy placement
  • drivers connected in series with Phase Zero crossover topology
  • precise internal damping system with complementary materials


The Ear Editor's Choice Winner - read the review

HiFi Knights - read the review


**Contact us at info@stereo-untypical.com for more info.

The Lowdown: We consider the Corallo Esclusivo in some ways to be the bargain in the XAVIAN Natura line - it uses the componentry of the more costly Ambra Esclusiva, but is priced much closer to the smaller Perla Esclusiva. Though it won’t quite achieve the output levels or dynamics of the Ambra, the sealed box Corallo has a tonal purity that is highly compelling, especially with small ensemble and vocal music. Corallo Esclusivo is especially recommended for those with small and medium sized rooms, and difficult placements. But it acquits itself well in bigger spaces also.





Mid Bass Frequency Unit

175 mm AudioBarletta – impregnated paper membrane – aluminium phase plug – cast basket – low distortion magnetic structure

High Frequency Unit

AudioBarletta – 29 mm voice coil with flat aluminium wire, soft dome, thick copper ring in “motor”, extreme ceramic magnet, labyrinth inside chamber, front die cast chassis with controlled dispersion


Two-way sealed enclosure design, Mundorf capacitors and resistors, high precision audio parts, exclusive Phase Zero crossover topology


handmade of massive oak wood, internally damped by bituminous sheet, fabric and foam layers

Frequency Response

( -3dB in reference axis): 59 – 20000 Hz


1 pair of gold-plated Xavian binding posts


8 Ohm

Crossover Frequency

2500 Hz

Sensitivity ( 2,83V / 1m )

87 dB

Recommended Amplification

30 – 120 W

Dimensions (HxWxD)

355 x 230 x 236 mm

Weight (each)

10 kg

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