XAVIAN Madre Perla Esclusiva Loudspeakers (New)

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MADRE PERLA ESCLUSIVA - brand new model!

While our previous Madre Perla was simply a floorstanding version of the Perla Esclusiva, the new generation Madre Perla Esclusiva is a fully-revised, more mature model that adopts the same compact, attractive proportions, but in a 2.5-way form with one extra mid-bass driver and a larger internal working chamber for improved dynamics.

The hand-crafted rigid oak cabinets have been retained, as has the Natura range’s characteristic organic design, inspired by the basic principles of nature – subtle and clean lines, but with rounded edges that serve not only for aesthetics but also for the best possible sound reproduction.

Available in cognac, dark oak, light oak, high-gloss black, and high-gloss white.

The Madre Perla mid-bass has been retained, but now doubled, and the Scan-Speak tweeter, selected from the more expensive models of the higher Harmonia series, is completely new.

The crossovers have been completely redesigned from the ground up, now more transparent and fitted with even better components.


The aim, of course, is still to maintain the original mission of the Perla Esclusiva and Madre Perla models – to offer music in its organic, lively and colourful essence, bigger than the dimensions suggest.




combination of carefully selected custom AudioBarletta and Scan-Speak drivers

handcrafted, very rigid and stable solid oak construction

organic, timeless and classic shapes

bottom section filled with 4 kg of sand for maximum stability and resonance suppression

five luxurious finishes available

front bassreflex for easy installation

can be levelled on any floor thanks to the practical levellers

sophisticated internal damping in several complementary layers

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