XAVIAN Premio/Ambra/Corallo Esclusivo Stands (Pair)

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Matching stands, made especially for the XAVIAN Premio Esclusivo, Ambra Esclusiva and Corallo Esclusivo speakers. Dedicated stands which are designed to be simple, robust and clean, with the right amount of mass. The speakers can be bolted down to the top platform, for additional rigidity and safety (the hardware is supplied). The impressively large column is built from the same Italian oak massive wood as the speakers, so they are a perfect match. Spikes and pads are also supplied with the stands.

The total height is 680 mm (without spikes) to 700 mm (with spikes). Base dimensions (footprint) are 320 x 360 mm. Shipped as a pair in a flat pack, unassembled, in one 15kg box.

Available in all six finishes. Note that all XAVIAN speakers and stands are made to order - delivery time is 30 to 60 days from time of order. Premio speakers/stands can currently be auditioned at Stereo Untypical, by appointment. 

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